Please Support Our New Challenge!(2022/11/23更新)

Join us in our new challenge, by funding our new café in 400 year old temple in Japan, to make more happy parenting with community.  (Now challenging Crowd Funding of 2,000,000 yen (=14,200 dollars) by 30th of November)

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-Who we are

Comachiplus is a nonprofit in Japan, to help parents in isolation seek for help, and rebuild a community around them to raise a child.  We started as a group of mom-friends in a small town in 2012, and now we are one of the few organization in Japan to run community-based cafes for happy parenting.


-The issue

77% of parents think that they were in or edge of postpartum depression, but only 5% actually gets diagnosed. 

Parents’ isolation  is a hidden problem, not talked about. This is not just in Japan- it is the same in  many country all over the world.


-Why we need cafes

Over the past 10 years, we felt the power of being able to meet and talk with someone and “eat a warm meal while it is hot” in a place close to daily life is so important for parents.  They really need to get the time for it, especially at the prenatal and postpartum periods. 

It is so easy to become powerless, lose your identity, and feel miserable and lonely.

This is especially so, when you are  raising children under strong social pressures with high expectations and disconnections from the past relationships.


-What we want to do

We want to open a café in a 400-year-old temple, called “Koyorido Café” (meaning small safe havens you can comfortably rely on).  Here, it will be a place to feel involved, a place to feel accepted, and a place to volunteer or work- it will be a new model with a collaboration with a temple to support parenting.


This is not just about opening one café in a small town.  We are aiming to spread the ecosystem of café supported by the community, to support parenting all over Japan, and furthermore in any other country.


We are planning to have 100 people challenging to make a new community-based café by 2025, by making new funding programs with local government.  The local government will support people who want to make cafes, gain special educational programs to start up cafes for free, which will lead to decreasing the initial costs.  We will network 100 cafes to support each other by exchanging ideas and skills, as high management skills/ fundraising/ mentoring/ networking/ cooking skills/coordination skills are necessary to run community-based cafes and we face so many challenges.  We will also collaborate with temples and places in community, where they could rent space for free.  This will decrease the running cost, and help concentrate on making safe relationships in the café and community.



Join us and be our team member by supporting our new café, and eventually, you may see one in your town, wherever country you live in!!

*************For more informations****************

-Our Goal in Crowd Funding

Our goal in this crowd funding is to raise 2,000,000 yen (=14,200 dollars) by 30th of November.

We are at 53% of the goal (as of 23rd of November) and we still need 6400 dollars

Please help us reach our goal, and make more happy parenting without isolation!


-You can pay by Credit Card / Amazon Pay from any country you live in.

-Click here to see the instruction in English about how to input your information in the Crowd Funding Page.

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*******See below for the details of how we will use your donation and support***********

Purchase of cooking utensils and appliances: 180,000 yen

Purchase of tableware: 100,000 yen

Other: Staff aprons, menu lists, etc. 50,000 yen

Improvement of the environment for customers with babies (diaper changing/playground/nursing room, etc.) 50,000 yen

Purchase of office supplies such as desks, cabinets, printers, etc. 70,000 yen

Signboards, banners, etc. 80,000 yen

500,000 yen for website

50,000 yen for printing flyers, store cards, menus, etc.

100,000 yen for procedures related to business licenses and trademark registration 

Installation of a cash register and purchase of necessary equipment 100,000 yen

Crowd Funding fee (11% of donation amount) 220,000


Operating expenses for the very start/ 500,000 yen *Not including personnel expenses

(15,000 yen for maintenance of vehicle used for delivery of prepared foods x 12 months 180,000 yen/Operating expenses for reservation site, etc. 8,800 x 12 months approx. 100,000 yen/Cost of ingredients for menu development, etc. 3,000 x 12 months, approx. 40,000 yen/Communication expenses 15,000 x 12 months 180,000 yen)=Total 500,000 yen

We appreciate the corporation from the Zenryouji- Temple, to provide us the place to open  by free rent.  This showed us the possibility of spreading the cafe.